Monday, August 29, 2016

Fixing a bluescreen?

Ever encounter a bluescreen while you're working on a project, or playing a video game? Bluescreens usually occur when a file or a software is having errors functioning either directly or in the background. It is both annoying and damaging, preventing your access to your computer's files that may potentially be lost. Here are a few things you could do to try and recover your files in case of a sudden bluescreen.

1. Identify the cause of the problem, look for help.

In prevention of damage to the computer, Windows will preemptively enter the computer in a bluescreen protection state where it troubleshoots the possible cause of the problem and restarts. However, restarting isn't usually the cure for this problem. In the duration of a bluescreen before the computer shuts off, there would be an error code shown at the bottom of the screen. Record this code and when your computer restarts, activate it in safety mode, then search online for help using the code it shown.

2. Software causing it? Remove or re-install it.

Sometimes as fore-mentioned, bluescreens can be caused by software running on your computer. If that software errors regularly when performing a specific action, such as a bluescreen that happens every time you try to open the .exe file, try re-installing it with the installer you installed it with in the first place. If it still doesn't work, then remove the .exe file as it probably has internal conflict between the application and your computer itself.

3. Are your drivers and hardware up to date?

In my own experiences, I had bluescreens happen on my PC for a long time. My PC was running Win 8. However when I updated my system to Win 10, the problem was automatically solved. Also, if bluescreens occur due to drivers being out of date, then try to update it. Drivers includes the intel graphics processor and the NVDIA GTX Force commonly used in gaming computers. 

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