Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get Organized with My Study Life

    Have you ever forgot to do a homework? Forgot that you had a test tomorrow? Forgot you're house shirt because you didn't know there was a competition today? I have all your problems in one solution. Use the My Study Life  app to get organized. All you need to sign up is your e-mail, which can be personal or the school's.

    There is a calendar, in which you can add your schedule, after-school activities and public holidays. It's really easy to do as it comes with the 6-day template, the schedule our school uses. You can even add exams to your calendar and have it notify you 1-month before or so. There is also a tasks feature which you can use to remember your homework, assignments, or any other thing you want to remember. You can set it so the app will notify you either when you are on your computer or sent you a notification on your phone. Instead of keeping a few notebooks, one app can organize it all!

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