Monday, August 22, 2016

Gabriel Kang - Hi

Hi guys! My name is Gabriel and I am a Korean born in Hong Kong. I'm in my senior year and I pretty much know everybody in high school, but I am not familiar with the new recruits, the freshmen, and the whole middle school. I describe myself as a really positive and cheerful guy so don't be shy to ask me anything. I may not be able to provide help for everything, but I will try my best on helping you guys. If you for some reason find me attractive ;) come find me anywhere and asks me, but it is optimal if you guys could come on day A (10:45-11:40) & day C (8:00-9:00). If you can't find me there shoot me an email. I guarntee you that I will respond in a blink of an eye, well depending on the time. *I sleep at around 10-10:30.

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