Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Stop Procrastinating

Everybody goes off topic at some point, however, this can sometimes hinder your completion of homework. To prevent this, here are a few tips to stop you from looking at social media and YouTube and finish your homework.

1. Set Goals

Set a certain target to complete by this time, for example "Complete 20 questions by 5:00 PM." If you complete these targets, you can reward yourself by taking a 15-minute break or a quick snack.

2. Create a Schedule

If you don't want to make goals, you can go with a schedule instead. For example, 40 mins of work, 15 min of rest. This motivates you to get your work done so that you can start having fun.

3. Create a Checklist

Checklists are also useful for keeping track of all of your tasks. It reminds you of what's due tomorrow and what has to be done. It gives you a nice tidy list of what you have to do, which is extremely useful. For this, you can use apps like My Study Life or simply just Notes. You also get a feeling of satisfaction from ticking all the boxes and finishing all the homework.

4. Finish the Hard Tasks First

If you finish the hard tasks first at the beginning, you'll thank yourself in the end. In the afternoon, you have more time to finish tasks and are more relaxed. In the night, you have to go to sleep soon, so you're more stressed out. If you leave the easy tasks until the end, you'll thank yourself later.

5. Create a Better Working Environment

If you have tabs like Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr open, you're going to be tempted to stop working. Close all tabs that aren't relevant to schoolwork, and this way, you'll be more focused.
Also, if your phone is constantly buzzing with new notifications from your social media, you'll want to check it. Put your phone in another room, remove clutter on your desk, and you'll become more focused on the task at hand.

6. Don't Multitask

Multitasking creates a situation where you are spreading out your energy to do multiple projects instead of focusing it on one. Doing multiple projects at once can result in an unorganized works. Focusing all your energy on one task at a time can significantly improve the quality of your work.

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