Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sites Every Student Should know of

Sites Every Student should Know of: 

Hi, my name is Souvik, I'm a tech ambassador here at AIS genius bar. As we all; technology and the internet are getting more and more popular by the day. This is the 2nd year since the 'B.Y.O.T' was introduced. So for students to connect and interact with their technology more effectively and productively. I've devised a list of top sites for the "everyday Student". 


This site is meant for students who frequent with all-nighters, this site is a sleep calculator web service, which provides calculations into when you should go to sleep for a good night sleep. You just input when you have to wake up, and it automatically produces a set of timetable that indicates when you should go to sleep for a refreshing sleep. 


WolframAlpha, is a web source encyclopedia. It provides computer automated relevant answers to all questions. I think of Wolfram as a smart AI bot there to answer all questions. Perfect for all students wanting quick answers and statistics.


This is a simple and elegant Clock, a web service linked to an atomic clock, I like this site because the display is ambient and simple. Good for studies. 


This site is a must for everyone in AIS, A quick search of any word will help you on your essay or even in class. A helpful tool to keep updated with new words.


, is a task manager and a reminder application and web service, for anyone that dislikes IOS's vanilla "reminders" app. Or for the sticky notes service on android, provides an elegant and beautiful user interface to input tasks quickly and to keep you on track with your assignments. Easy to input. 


; introduces vivid nature-related backgrounds with high-quality ambient noises relative to the backgrounds location. The purpose of this site is to help produce sounds to "calm" users. Useful for tense essays and exam study situations. 


, is a photo/file uploading database where the community shares pictures. This is best if for computer courses where you need to upload a photo online without having to worry about the share settings. 


My most used website application so far.; is an excellent web service I endorse, it introduces a whole schedule, assignment, the moodle-like environment where students can set up their timetable. Manage their tasks and keep track of their schedule and study time. I highly suggest this site to every student studying at AIS. 

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