Monday, August 29, 2016

Snapchat is Ideal for Advertising!

Snapchat, though it may seem to be an application commonly used by teenagers for fun, not only serves as a casual base of social media, but can also serve as a fun place for advertising and information! Snapchat has a large mainstream presence amongst teenagers and young adults, so it's perfect for communicating and informing them on a more regular basis and real-time basis. Here are some tips for how you can utilise snapchat for advertisement:

1. Create a Snapchat account to advertise something that already has an existing social media page or if you have some way to get the snap code out there. Your regular social media is useful in promoting your snapchat when it is first starting out.

2. Post interesting content, teasers, and updates on your snapchat all related to what you are advertising and post behind the scenes media on what is currently being worked on. This will help encourage more people to participate and might even inspire them, which will lead them to further enjoy watching your snapchat story.

3. Continue to occasionally post the media you post on Snapchat on your other social media accounts, also advertising your snapchat, to tease them into following you on snapchat if they're not already.

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