Monday, August 22, 2016

Using Dashboard to organise

A: Students
P: To provide a virtual organising space that can be quickly accessed through a simple swipe on the trackpad

Quick Introduction
Hello my name is Soo-Jong Park, and I'm the tech ambassador in the AIS community. As a part of AIS Genius, it is my utter most responsibility to treat you as a valuable customer and find optimal solutions to make the community a better place. If you have any tech-related problems I'm always happy to help out, so do our Genius Bar as a whole. I hope you enjoy this Genius blog and I hope you visit us again later!

The features of Dashboard

The dashboard is a workspace where you can quickly visit daily resources and download various tools called "widgets" to design, decorate, and organise your information and the workspace. Daily sources include the weather broadcast, a calculator, the dictionary, and your contacts while widgets include more of additional apps that may be better constituted to your interests such as short films, sports updates, daily tips on how-to-do's, and short lists of interesting facts that can help minor things in your lives. However in this blog post, I'll be more focused on the academic aspects of the dashboard to teach you how you can stay better organised in school!
A classic dashboard

Sticky pads are excellent resources to help you list what-to-do's or reminders. The Sticky Pads can also be differently colored to highlight the urgency of the assignment. For such, highlighting the sticky pad as red may indicate that the assignment is due within a few days. Stickypads can also be aligned along the dashboard space in accordance with personal preferences. Although the space in the dashboard seems very empty and useless at a casual glance, the alignments of the pads can have unique practicabilities. For such, using one sticky pads to list a subject's assignments, then it can be arranged with other subjects to create the order of a student's schedule or the subjects that may come priority.

My Dashboard - Purple: Urgent       Yellow: Fine

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