Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Helpful Mac KeyBoard Shortcuts

5 Helpful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts 

Hello my name is Soo-Jong! In this list, there will be 5 shortcuts that can help you to open tabs, force quit non-responding applications, or look for a certain word in a very long article. I hope you learn something from this list!

1. Command + T / Command + Shift + T 

Instead of clicking the new tab button to the right of your latest tab, you can press "Command + T" to open a new tab in the window, or press Command + Shift + T to open your latest tab in case you accidentally closed it.

Command + Shift + T

Command + T 

2. Command + alt(option) + esc 

When an application isn't responding even if you tried to close the application, you can force quit it by pressing Command + alt + esc and then selecting its name and then clicking "force quit"

Command + alt +esc will give you this window
Select the application, then click "Force Quit" or simply press "enter'

3. Command + F 

Using Command + F allows you to search for a specific word/symbol in a site by typing that word onto the search bar that appears on the top-right side of the window. This can be useful when you try to search for a word in a textbook to know where you left off, a vocabulary word you don't know to find it used in a sentence, or searching for a student's name in a long attendance list. Sometimes, the word/symbol you are looking for may appear more than 4, 5, or even 18 times in the website. In those cases, you can use the up and down button as the website will then locate and highlight each word/symbol to see if it's the correct one you are looking for.

- I am looking for the word, "Command"
- The Orange Highlighter indicates the word selected
- The Yellow Highlighter indicates other words that are located somewhere else
- I can use the arrow keys to locate where each word is in the page.

4. Command + 1 - * of tabs you have

Command + 1 - * of tabs you have allows you to shift tabs. Tab #1 will be your tab furthest to the left and your last tab number will depend on how many tabs you've opened.

For such, as you can see, I have three tabs open and I'm on my second tab.

By hitting Command + 1, I could move to my email.

And by pressing Command + 3 I am able to shift to the 3rd tab. Realise that I have no 4th or 5th tab so if I try pressing Command + 4 or 5 it is obviously not going to work. However, if you have more than 9 tabs, you can only shift between the 1st to the 9th tab unfortunately.

5. Command + W

Now this is a really simple command. By pressing Command + W you can close the tab you're in and you'll be automatically shifted to the next tab or exit the window if you only have that one tab.

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