Monday, September 19, 2016

Animation Introduction: Traditional Animation

When you look at the commercials and youtube videos, you see many different kind of animations and they all look so intriguing! If that stirs up your interest on learning animation, then this is the place for you! Over these few months I'll list the 5 different types of animation and how we can learn them.

Important concepts:

  • Frame - a single complete picture in a series forming a cinema, television, or video film.
  • Frame Rate - the frequency at which frames in a television picture, film, or video sequence are displayed.

1. Traditional Animation (Cell Animation)

The traditional animation consist of sequential drawings that would screen one after another to make the work more alive. In old traditional days, these type of animations are usually done on big light drawing pads as shown above. But nowadays, it's usually drawn in tablets known as the wacom cintiq.

If you want to learn more about traditional animation, view this video:

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