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How to cite a website online for research - MLA Format (PART 1)

PART 1/2

How to cite a website for research online? (MLA)

As a student, it is inevitable that when your teacher assigns an essay or research project to you or your group (if it is group work), you will need to conduct some research to understand your topic. While technology is present and information can be efficiently delivered, crediting the source of where you learned the info from is still a must. Is there any easy methods to cite websites online? Well, let's find out.

Site 1: Easybib is a great online citation machine that will automatically generate the correct MLA, APA, Chicago and more formats for your needs.


Step 1: Copy & paste the URL of the site you want to cite into the citation search tab the click on "Cite It."

Step 2: Easybib will start to fill in information to the selected site. However, there are certain parts of information that it sometimes cannot find and requires you to fill it out manually, below would be how you find the common do-it-yourself information that easybib cannot find.

Commonly, easybib cannot find the Publisher, and when it is Electronically Published. You will have to go to the webpage that you want to cite and scroll down to the page footer (bottom of page.)

Notice the information on the bottom, 1996-2016 is the date indicating the activity on the website. 2016 means the last edit was in this year, though sometimes they would even give a specific month and day above the article (Top of the page). 

And for the Publisher, the information on the bottom that says, for this page, National Wildlife Federation, would be the publisher of the info, being in charge of the website. 

Put this information in the empty tabs after you click "Continue to Final Step."
In the Publisher and Electronically Published tabs.

After you've done that, the page should be complete and look like this. Then you are ready to turn this into the MLA citation you need by clicking the create citation underneath the information fill in area.

And that's it! For this online citation generator that is, there is one more to show, check it out in Part 2/2!

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