Monday, September 12, 2016

How to Make an Action Scene.

Film making really taught me a lot through out my experience of filming. It taught me how to get off your butt to find if your plan works, it taught me how to use things around you to create amazing things, it taught me how to think in other's perspective.

Therefore, I felt the need to make a page on how to make an action scene to teach you guys how to apply things you learned from film making to learning in school.

An action scene is where actors in the scene is constantly moving and creating motion instead of staying in one place, it is extremely important to tell a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

Therefore, people wonder, how can I, a beginner of film making, film a cool and professional action scene? 

With these simple steps below, you will be able to learn filming an action scene with ease.

Step 1. 
Watch a few action scenes from famous movies, interpret how the director tried to express the action scene, how did the Hollywood film maker did it.

Step 2.
Know what you are trying to express, a fist fighting scene? A chasing scene? A gun fight scene? etc. Know what you are trying to communicate to the audience.

Step 3.
Finding people in good physical shape. It is also possible to film action scenes with a "big" person, but as a beginner of film making, it is going to be hard to make the scene look fast and sharp with a clumsy guy. Therefore, find someone who is agile and fast in order to film the fast paced action scene.

Step 4.
Go through the scene without the camera with the actors. Try not to film an action scene with a first go, the actors need to practice and you as a camera man need to know where to place and move the cameras. Therefore, go through the scene with the actor to get a sense of the flow of the shot.

Step 5.
Filming the action scene. While filming an action scene, add a controlled amount of camera shake to increase intensify the scene, and to reflect the characters' mental state of minds. But of course, it always depends on your style of filming.

Step 6.
Editing. Editing is extremely important for the production of an action scene. Edit the unnecessary parts out to make the scene fast paced. 

Step 7.
Sound tracks. The sound track for an action scene is important as well, adding fast and intense background music to intensify the scene, and adding sound effects to add realism to the scene.

Step 8.
Color grading. Color grading is an important factor to look at during the editing of an action scene. To make the scene feel intense and less humanized, color grading it blue tempered will make the scene look cold.


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