Thursday, September 15, 2016

iOS 10 Review (5 Annoying Changes)

The iOS 10 update on iPhones has been a very heated topic of discussion as of late, with very few positives discussed. Personally, I think that this new update is very upsetting, and you might too if the following things bother you about this new update.

1. The gun emoji, one of the most frequently used weapon emojis for generally humorous reasons, is now a water gun, but there are still knives and other weapons that have not been changed into toys. WHY?

2. Did you enjoy the simplicity of being able to shuffle your music from the card showing the music you're listening to? That's too bad, because now you have to swipe up to click whether you want your music to be shuffled or not. If you see the picture below, it is not longer at the bottom of the song card as it originally was.

iOS 10:


3. You now have to press the home button to unlock your phone instead of swiping left, which is horrible considering the fact that most of us always swipe left to unlock our phone. 

4. It's buggy, and there are reports all over the internet about how downloading it messed up people's phones. 

5. It will mess with your battery life.

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