Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top Three Free Apps for School on Windows

Top Three Free Applications for Windows for school

Windows Movie Maker
A very basic Movie Maker. This application can:

  • add subtitles
  • Record voice over video
  • Slideshow with music
  • Change audio settings
    • Sometimes music too loud, audio too soft
  • Publish videos straight it to YouTube.
Overall, this is a free and simple program designed to be easy, and it is easy to use.

  • You can Add photos, and apply animations to them.
  • Also add voice over and subtitles

  •  Here are more animations and in this tab you can change the delay between photos

  •  Change audio settings.

  •  Change view settings and audio waveforms

  • This is the most useful tab:
    • Split videos so you can make videos shorter and cut them perfectly.
    • Edit length of pictures/change speed
    • Stabilize shaky videos


Image result for winrar
A free file extractor. Can be used to zip and unzip files. For me, this is the most reliable, other ones don't work as often as this one does.


This is a perfect application for students taking a course that requires lots of notes. All data is synced in the cloud so if you write something on your labtop it's also on your other computer and your phone. In math class, you can use your phone to write down an equation and have it be inputted into text. When studying for a test you can use your computer like a note pad. I found this app works really well

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