Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 Snapchat Chat Pros!

Snapchat chat is the feature on snapchat that allows you to message your friends on Snapchat without the necessity of taking a picture or video in order to message. Here are some of the awesome features of Snapchat chat and reasons that it is so great!

1. You don't need to take a picture or video, it is simple to just message your friends as you might on any other app.

2. These messages, much like the pictures and videos you send, disappear after you look at them.

3. But you can save messaged simply by holding down on them until they turn grey and unsave them by doing the same until the grey highlight is gone- both you and your friends will see which messages are saved.

4. You can still send pictures over Snapchat chat- pictures from your gallery or even videos, and you're able to send multiple photos at once!

5. There are several fun stickers that you can attach in your messages.

6. You are able to simply record and send audio.

7. You can video call individually with your friends as though you were Skyping or Facetiming, but it's totally cooler because it's Snapchat.

8. When reading the offered magazines on Snapchat, if you hold down on the screen, it allows you to send that screen to your friends so they can see it too on chat, and they can even click on that outtake from the magazine and it will take them straight to the article!

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