Sunday, October 9, 2016

Argh!! Annoying tech issues of AIS that you may have! (Feature Blog)

1. Attendance block graded from ....

Don't you hate it when you go on your email and keep on receiving notifications that your "Attendance was Graded"? How can I do to fix this? All notifications are controlled by individual users, and it can be controlled in your Moodle preferences.

1. Go to your home page in eagle-net.

2. Click on "My Courses" on the top right of the page that leads to where all your courses are

3. Click on your name that is on top of the page. For me, I'll click the text "Soo-Jong PARK" which will lead to my profile settings.

4. Click on "Preferences" that is below the "User Details" section. Once you are in Preferences, click "Messaging" below "User Account"

After clicking on "Messaging", you'll be directed toward this page

5. Scroll down to where you see "Activity Graded" and then check off the "Email" section for When I'm logged in and When I'm Offline 

6. Awesome! After you've checked it off, you must scroll all the way down and click "Save Changes"

2. Wifi is always going onto AIS Device when AIS Student takes a while to connect

Arghh! Another thing that I hate is when the computer automatically connects to AIS Device when AIS Student isn't working or taking some time for it to load. What can I do to fix this?

1. Go to System Preferences and "Network" located in the third row. If you can't find it, you can type in "network" in your search bar.

2. In system, click on "Advanced" next to the question mark symbol

3. Now you'll find a section called "Preferred Networks" Scroll up and down in that category of wifiyou've been on and find "AIS Device" 

4. After you found AIS Device, look for the wifi, AIS Student. Now, most teachers/students that have this problem have the Wifi AIS Device on top of AIS Student, making the computer think that you want AIS Device to be your priority network. In order to change this, click and drag the AIS Device network all the way down, at least below AIS Student so that the computer will try connecting to AIS Student before it considers connecting to AIS Device. 

5. Now, after you've done that, click "Ok" on the bottom right corner, and exit Preferences. 

Congratulations! You will no longer find yourself having the problem again. If you still do, please contact the following Email: 

3. Mandarin in my Google Drive! Argh! I don't understand what anything means!

Don't you hate it when you go onto google drive and find every text in Mandarin? This often happens because the computer identifies the location you're in to be Hong Kong and assumes you speak/write in that local language. There are two ways to solving this problem.

First way: Change the language you use in your google account

1. Go to google, click on your account icon to the top right of the page, and click "My Account"

2. Once you are into the account settings, click "Language and Input tools" Settings

3. Click on the language section to control your language settings

4. Now, if add the language you wish to have as your default language and click "Ok"

5. Click the up arrow next to the new language you have added. This will make that language your default language

6. Wait for google to change the saves, and you'll have your new default language!

Second Method: Chrome settings (For Chrome Users Only)

1. Click on the icon with the 3 vertical white circles on the top right of the window. You will then get a selection of options. Go down and click on "Settings"

2. Once you are in the settings page, scroll down to where there is "advanced settings". Click on it to gain further access to more settings.

3.After your window opens up to more settings, scroll down to where there is "Language and Input" Settings. Click on it

4. Now after you click on the settings, you'll be directed to the following window where there will be a list of the languages your computer has saved. If there is a langauge you want to get rid of, click on the X mark next to the language.  After you done so, click "Done".

5. However, if you want to add a language that is not there, click add on the bottom left of the list and search for the language you want to add in.

6.  Select the langauge and then what you want to do is drag the language to the top of the list. By doing this, you are letting the computer know the primary language you use. For in my case, I'll be dragging the UK's version of English to the top to make it as my default language.

7. Now, if there are languages in the list you do not want to have at all, click the X button next to the language to get rid of it. Once you're done with your changes, click "Done" and exit the page.

Finally, wait for the changes to apply and you'll have your default language changed!

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