Monday, October 10, 2016

Customize Your Chrome Browser with Add-ons and Themes

There can be so many annoying things about Google Chrome. However, there are a great ton of extensions that can enhance your browsing. They are all on the chrome webstore. To get to the webstore, click this link. Here you can find many cool things to improve your browsing, such as games, extensions, and themes.


Themes can help you choose the look and feel of your browser. Every time you open a new tab, your theme will be available, IT will also appear on the top of your screen, where the tabs are.

Here are my personal favorite and free themes:


Extensions are some cool add-ons that can enhance your browsing. Here are some useful ones.


The most downloaded extension, with over 50 million people using it. It does exactly what it says, it blocks all ads and popups (even youtube ads) so you can enjoy your browsing without ads.


Also a popular extension, momentum enlightens your day and makes it relaxing. I mentioned this under themes because it is essentially a theme, with a few bonuses, such as reminders and it asks you what I think is a really important "What is your main focus today". The background is updated everyday to a beautiful scene of nature, with the city and country mentioned in the bottom-left. In the top right, you get the current weather of your city. You can also use it as your personal space to add things to do and stuff.

Google Translate

This extension is extremely useful, especially if you're taking a foreign language. Anytime you see a foreign language on a website, you can click on your google translate extension and either translate the entire page or a selected test. Also, as a minimalist, I like the way it looks - simple and to the point.


The final extension I will be mentioning is Pushbullet. I like this extension as it makes it easier to transfer things from my Android to my macbook. I had an iPhone before, so it was easy to transfer files. However it can be extremely hard and take a long time to transfer photos or recordings from my phone to my macbook. You can also chat, send links, and other files through Pushbullet to several devices that are synced to the network. You can even talk and send files to other friends through Pushbullet.

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