Sunday, October 2, 2016

How to add a Gif to your macbook wallpaper with GIFPaper

Are you sick of your boring, still wallpapers? With the GIFPaper app, and a few simple steps, you can have a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) On or as your wallpaper.  GIF's are moving images, sort of like videos, but are often short and repeat over and over again.

Here is a link that will make you download GIFPaper (Dropbox link). Once you've downloaded GIFPaper, go to your system settings. You should see a new GIFPaper icon, go ahead and click it. Then, pick the GIF you want to use. It will automatically load up. A final point I should add is that if you want to set the animated GIF as your default wallpaper, you will need the GIFPaperAgent app, otherwise it will go back to your previous wallpaper.

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