Monday, October 31, 2016

University Game plan

When would you start planning for university?
This is actually a serious question, when do you start planning for university? 9th grade? 10th grade?
There actually is no right answer for this, but what is the harm to start early? Through my personal experience I thought I started pretty late and it was a very stressful thing for me. I started getting serious about my grades in the third trimester of my junior year. I should've started worrying since 10th grade, but I guess I just couldn't care as much about the future. You also should start looking into universities by grade 11 and start to find target-able universities and separate them into three different categories: reach, safety, and match.

Reach, Safety, Match
There are three different categories to put into your university list: safety, reach, and match. Starting off with reach schools, reach is another way of saying your "dream" school that you always wanted to attend for example for me it would be Berklee College of music. Match is a school that you are able to get into with a bit of work and is a "match" to yourself. Safety as the name suggests a school that you are able to go to with no sweat, so your fall back option if all else fails.

Recommended amount of schools to apply to?
There really is no recommended amount of schools to apply to, but usually the councilors suggest 10 universities. Which isn't a bad number, I personally applied to only 7 schools. Funny story I even know a person who applied to around over 15 schools. So numbers really don't matter unless you got the money to apply to all that, but generally it is you choice. Choose the Unis that you want to go, choose the ones that match you. Don't force yourself to apply to a school with a good name just because your parents want you to. The name of the school really doesn't matter, it's what you get out of university that actually matters.

Is being undecided a bad thing?
Being undecided isn't a bad thing, it just means you haven't found something that you would like to do. Funny enough around 50% of college students enter as undecided. Being undecided also gives you many different benefits too. Once you get accepted as undecided, you could try different majors and stick to the one that you find the most fun or the one that most matches you.

A little advice from me, start early. Procrastinating for uni apps is the worst thing you could do. I love procrastinating, but for uni apps its annoying. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Try asking a councilor too, they're nice people they don't bite.

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