Saturday, November 26, 2016

3 Life Saving Preview Tips

We have a cliche when we edit images: just Photoshop it. But have you ever wondered why it has to be Photoshop? Why do we have to pay for it? Why do we have to waste our time downloading it? Why do we have to read and watch through long instructions? None of that is required - that is if you use Preview. "Wait, isn't Preview an app for viewing images?" Yes, but that's not its only function. Using Preview, editing images could actually be easier than using Photoshop.

1. Cropping

When cropping an image, Photoshop is most commonly used. However, it costs, and is not the best quality photo cropping tool either. Using Preview would provide free cropping of images easily and effectively.

2. Size editing

When editing sizes of photos, using Preview is more useful than using Photoshop.

3. Signing

Only when editing a PDF, you can add a sign using Preview without printing.


Sometimes, Photoshop isn't the best option for editing images. A preinstalled software, Preview, could come in handy too.

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