Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gmail Tricks to Help You Email Smarter

Do you know how to send emails properly? Can you do it quickly? If you're unsure, here are a few tricks to help you achieve that. You can be sure that these tips will be useful in your everyday learning or working, as emails are essential to any operation and being able to harness all its resources to use it more effectively will improve your overall productivity.

Trick #1: Schedule emails to send later
For this, you will need to download the Chrome extension "Boomerang". You can download it through the Chrome web store.
After you've added it as an extension, you will see that the next time you compose an email in Gmail, you have an option to "Send Later". You can set the exact time for it to be sent, there are no limits, by clicking the boomerang icon next to the "Send Later" button. Once you confirm the times and send the email, it will be stored in a special outbox until that time comes, then it will be sent automatically to the recipient. 

This will be useful if you think of an email you need to send, but it is during off-hours. You can write the email, before you forget it, and schedule it to be sent the next morning. This way your email will not be put behind a large amount of other mail that your recipient may have received during the night, which increases your chances of getting a fast response.

Trick #2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to "Settings on Gmail" and scroll down to the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section. Click "Keyboard shortcuts on" and save changes.

Press "Shift" + "?" and you will open up the entire list of keyboard shortcuts. You may want to learn the ones you think you will need to use the most.
Here are some that I use:
E = Archive selected emails
R= Reply
A= Reply all
! = Mark as spam
These can be useful shortcuts to help speed up your email operations.

Trick #3: Using Respondable by Boomerang
The same extension we installed earlier has another cool feature. It uses artificial intelligence to help you write better emails. It tracks a couple of things in your email, such as the word count, the reading level, how many questions are present, and the Subject length, to determine how likely someone will respond (hence the name) to said email.
To increase the likelihood of you getting a timely response, Respondable recommends writing in 3rd grade English reading level (simple words and phrases), have no more than 3 questions per email (don't overwhelm people), a word count of between 50 to 125 words, and a subject length of no more than 6-7 words. 

Trick #4: "Unsend" Emails
Ever accidentally send an email to the wrong person or sent it before you finished writing it or wrote something wrong? Well with this trick, you can still get a second chance. 

Go to "Settings" and scroll down to "Undo Send". Enable the function and select your cancellation period, either 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after you send the email. Never embarrass yourself again!

Trick #5: Using
If your inbox is always flooded with emails from sites that you subscribed to from long ago, some that maybe are irrelevant, then this trick is for you.

Click on this link to go directly to the website: and enter your email, agree to the terms and conditions, then continue and begin your cleanup process.

This website will scan your inbox and come up with a list of subscriptions. You can then go through that list and unsubscribe from websites you no longer wish to receive emails from. This is very useful if you want your inbox to look neater and cleaner.

So there you have it, five tricks to help you email smarter and faster. Hopefully this will increase your productivity!

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