Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to cite a website online for research - MLA Format (PART 2)

Part 2/2

How to cite a website for research online? (APA)

What happens when you need to cite a source of information in projects such as a science report? Well, this website does APA for you, and it's absolutely free!


STEP 1: Select the citation you want. MLA is available as well.

STEP 2: After selecting APA (or other formats), Choose the type of source it is (Is it a book, website, etc.)

STEP 3: Paste in the link you want to cite.

STEP 4: After clicking SEARCH WEBSITES, you will be brought to this page. Look for the correct source in the list of related identifications. In my case, my source would be the first option to appear. 

(Tuberculosis (TB)|CDC)

STEP 5: Select you option (Source) The website generator will automatically fill in known information about that source for you, so there is no need to look for them manually.

STEP 6: Click on FINAL STEP, and fill in as much as you can, using the techniques shown in PART 1 of this blogpost.

STEP 7: Click on Create Citation and simply copy the citation generated


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