Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rainmeter (Windows Only)

Rainmeter! The most popular and featured, customizable desktop tweak for Windows 7,8,9,10+ 

Everyone wants a cool wallpaper or background, but only a few people take it to the next level with customization and completely deck out their Desktops. Rainmeter is the most user-friendly and "easy to get" around tool out there. I'll show you what Rainmeter can do! 


Like any of these examples! You must've realized how diverse these customizations are! That is the power and freedom supplied by Rainmeter. Here is how you can have your own! 

First, make sure you Get these Basics, Rainmeter is a standard installation application, make sure to check "Run on startup" to get the best out of it.

After you've installed Rainmeter on your PC make sure to get the following for a basic tweaking. 

1. Elegance 2.0 

2. ClearText 

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