Sunday, November 6, 2016

Survive in High School: Tips

High School is hard so here are some tips to survive in High School!

Tip #1: Have a planner

Always have a planner with you, it can be on your phone, your laptop, or it can be your book, always have it, and put your homework/projects or even events in the planner, so it'll help you keep things on track, where you are not a hot mess! 

Tip #2: Do not procrastinate!

After school, you might as well munch on your popcorn while watching Netflix, and do your homework later. By the time you've finished 3 movies, you realize its already 12 am, now its either you get sleep or work. So don't wait till last minute to do your homework, when you get home, you should always do your homework first, then move on to do other things.

Tip #3: Time Management 

Managing your time during high school can be hard with balancing with your social life, school, and sleep, but planning it before hand will make your life so much easier. Plan the day before hand, you don't have to have a notebook to manage your time, and make a timetable (but that'll be great), but you can have a visual and insight of what you're going to do for the day. 

For example:
  1. Wake up at 11am
  2. Have brunch with family at 12pm
  3. Homework at 2pm
  4. Dinner with friends at 7pm

Tip #4: Be positive and nice to all your school peers, and teachers. 

No one likes a negative & mean person. Being one will not help you through high school, many might dislike you and that'll will certainly not help you to make any friends or get any help when you are in trouble or stuck in a homework question. So stay positive and nice to others.

Tip #5: Know how to Relax.

High school can be very stressful, sometimes you'll need to relax, and do something that you enjoy that doesn't make you think of school. Stressing out will only ruin your health, so find a hobby that you enjoy, and do it, because sometimes, you'll need it during high school, but do not overlap it with your school work.

Tip #6: How to deal with Bullies?!

Bullies love attentions, so when they do bully you, ignore them, and move on, don't cry about it, or this will create more drama, and lead to more bullying. If you've ignored them, but they still is bothering you, then you need to talk to your friends and families about it, don't keep it in to yourself, speak with someone you trust. Talk with the school teachers or even the principle if things get too big, and if the bully continues to bully you even though you told him/her to stop. Put in action, otherwise if the bully stops after you said stopped or ignored him/her, just move on.

Tip #7: Confidence

Have confidence, this is really important.You should have confidence no matter you're at school or not. Having confidence brings success, and everyone has failures or made mistakes, so when you want to try something try it, don't let other people bring you down to your own goal. Be confidence of what you are doing and remember that it is okay to fail! Just don't be over-confidence.

Tip #8: Choose your friends wisely

Don't pick friends based on what they have or their popularity, pick friends who are honest, kind, and people who you can trust. Choose friends who you can be comfortable with, not act with. I know this is hard to find, so don't be scared to talk to your peers, and get to each of them, but keep in mind that to choose trustworthy friends who are also wise, so they will not drag you to do dumb things.

Tip #9: Organization

Make sure to be organize. Organize your things such as home-works, projects, books, by making varieties of sections for your works, like to split up the things, for it to be clearer for you to find. Not only that, but organize your locker, your dates and events, make it simple for you to work with.  So that you won't stress a mess you made when it comes to finding things, or going/doing something.

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