Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wallpapers For Desktops!

I Realized many of you are always on the lookout for new wallpapers and Cool images, who wouldn't, after a while you get used to your "at first cool but now boring" desktop backgrounds you're welcomed by every day when you turn on your laptops or computers. But to keep updated with cool wallpapers on the go is rare. Here is a compilation of Sites and places that supply the trendsetting wallpapers, on a daily. So you can stay a step ahead in the wallpaper game. 

1. Unsplash 

Unsplash is amazing for quality 4K stock photos captured by professional nature enthusiastic photographers that share their art for free- no watermarks! Check it out if you want cool nature backgrounds. 

2.  Simple Desktops

Simple Desktop, Houses by far the most polygon-triangle friendly trendy wallpapers from everywhere, graphic designers to hand artists. Simple desktops is a "simple" but cool get away card whenever you're bored and want a simple desktop for a change. 

3.  Justin M. 

This is a portfolio of an amazing 3D and graphic artist, Justin is well known for his iconic poly art style and producing great quality wallpapers free to anyone who wants to download! 

4.  Slurpaza's Deviantart

Slur's Profile is amazing, The photos and wallpapers he comes up with, Are fantastic and spectacular, best coupled with Rainmeter! 

5.  Wallpapers Wide

Oh, Come on! You've paid this site a visit at least once a month, This is your top hit every time you search "Cool wallpapers" so here it is, the most featured and updated watermarked wallpaper hosting website. Wallpapers Wide, for vanilla preferences. They still have good stuff, though! 

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