Thursday, December 1, 2016

Make your AIS E-portfolio!

An e-portfolio is required when you are in high-school, for you to keep track and record you learnings. To make your own E-portfolio isn't hard, follow through the steps to easily make your own E-porfolio for AIS.

1. Log into your AIS E-mail, and select "sites".

2. Click on "Create", "in classic sites".

3. Name your site, to your name and the year you will graduate. 
For example, name: Melody, Graduation Year: 2020
then: Melody---eportfolio---2020. 

4. Feel free to select a theme you prefer, this step is not required.

5. After, hit the "Create" button to create your website.

6. When it is created, you can start adding pages to your E-portfolio sites, such as the each courses you take, and the main objectives for your courses. 
To add pages, select the button with "Create page (c)".

To create a new page, name your page, choose your template, and select a location where you want to insert it to, may be home or other areas.
After this, hit create to add the page.

7. For home page, insert an "about me" bibliography. 
Ex: Your name, your grade, your house, your hobbies..

8.  You may also link in your other social profiles on your e-portfolio. 

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