Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to make your Gmail Inbox Organized

I have seen tons and tons of students open their mail and have their 'inbox' as a dump of mail from all sorts of places. You can easily manage your mail. To have a cleaner inbox, go to your settings which can be located under the gear symbol on the top right. Go under the tab 'Inbox'.  From here you can choose your preferred sections, markers, and filters.

Filters are especially important. Isn't it annoying that you get mailed your attendance from every single class? Well just create a filter on that specific email address. Make sure you include the words 'attendance' though because you might miss some crucial information!

I personally have my inbox with three sections "Important and Unread", "Starred", and "Everything Else". I also have it so a section disappears if it's not being used. I always archive what I am not currently using instead of throwing it in the trash. DO NOT put your mail in trash, archiving it is so much easier as it makes your inbox cleaner and you can always refer back to mail.

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