Thursday, January 5, 2017

Online Learning. Is school really necessary?

As we are in the age of fast-growing technology, we humans need to start adapting to do this rapid change. The internet has impacted our society so much that we cannot survive without them, but it has also brought many benefits. Many things that we were not able to access was now accessible, we are able to connect to people around the world faster. One of the things that internet brought to us was the ability to learn things that we do not know of. Now we are able to look up so many things from remedies for sicknesses to the discovery of new planets. Since these information are so easy to obtain through the internet, it arouses a big question, "Is Schools necessary anymore?"
My answer to this question is OF COURSE, teachers are there to inspire students, educate students, and guide students. Without teachers students would turn out to be dramatically different. These days teachers are very under-recognized, we need to give them more credit than we currently do. Although we can learn multiple things through the internet, we cannot obtain the experience of having an teacher teach us. What do you think about teachers?Do we need them?Is the internet really enough?

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