Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Your Presence in Different Social Media

I am sure a lot of you have several different social media accounts. What's important to note is that in every single social media website, you have to behave a certain way as it depends on who you share information with. This is key because nowadays, employers and colleges look at social media accounts for what type of person you are. The following list is ordered by most professional presence to least professional presence.


Twitter is one of the most used websites on the internet. Several politicians and celebrities use it. It is seen as a place for a professional to share their work and talk to others who are in the same profession across the world. For example, a teacher would follow the school and faculty of their school. They would also follow and may tweet at educational institutes and colleges. LinkedIn is a similar platform and is more professional because it is for users to find careers posted by companies across the world and is taken very seriously.


Facebook is a more open platform because users often have family, coworkers, and additional friends on their friends list. Although a user still may not be able to post offensive posts as family members and coworkers can still see their posts. However, a user may still be able to complain about a rough day at work or at school and friends and family members may seem content to help ease the situation. Facebook often has way more photos than twitter and users can share pictures of their experiences or trips to show their close friends and relatives.


Instagram is a much more open platform. Users may only have a couple of family members following their Instagram, but several friends and strangers may also follow the user. Since in Instagram users are required to post a picture and there is no text, a user may be much more open to this posting pictures of just about anything on there. The user can choose to be offensive and political as only the close friends may see it. Snapchat is a further representation of this as snaps (pictures) taken by the user are deleted after a day of taking it, pushing the user to get less private.

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