Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Be on track with your goals with the Google Calendar App

Cool features you can find on Google Calendar App:

Besides the Apple Calendar, you can also download and use the Google Calendar App to keep yourself on track with your work. There are few good features you can find about the Google Calendar App. It can help you in many different ways.

1. You can set goals with Google Calendar App. 
  • When you go to the app, there is a plus sign button located on the bottom right corner. It will give you three options: goals, reminder or event, and then you click on goals. 
  • When you click on goals, it gives you different categories, such as exercising, building a skill, me time, organise my life and friends and family.
  •  Click on the category of things you want to do. For example I want to build on a skill, I tap on it and then it gives me different options: learn a language, learn to code, practice an instrument, etc... For my goal I want to practice an instrument. 
  • I click on practice an instrument and then it gives me options of many different instruments. I click on the instrument I want to practice and select how often would I want to practice the instrument and how many hours do I want to spend on practicing the instrument. 
  • The app will ask about when you would want to do the task. After that, the app will add events on your Google Calendar. All the things added to your Google Calendar will also be added to other app you synced your Google Calendar with. 

2. It also has reminders to keep you on track with your work. The good thing about setting a reminder on the app is that it adds the reminders to your Google Calendar. Adding it to your Google Calendar would help you remember the things you want to do anytime and anywhere. 

3. Google Calendar is very colourful which helps when you want to achieve something. The colour and the design keeps you motivated to do your work. The app is also easy to use as it is very straightforward.

The Google Calendar App helps make your life easier by putting your goals into events and keeping your things in one place. 

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