Saturday, February 4, 2017

[] Easy Life Hacks that you have to know for school []

Life hacks, something people love to watch but don't bother to use. But these life hacks that i'm about to show you are easily accessible around you and you might even be wearing it. So it's easy to do this.

Glasses as stand? bet you never thought about it. 


A used, ready for disposal sticky notes + some stains on your keyboard = clean keyboard

As the back side of the sticky note is small enough to fit between the keys, it is great for stain removals on keyboard.

#3 Functionality of your brain

Scientifically proven:

Best time to study:
4 am - 6 am

Brain Function: 100%
6 am - 7:30 pm

Brain Function: 50%
Night time

EssayTyper and Spreeder

Give a topic and writes an essay for you

Teaches you how to speed read and assists you on words. 

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