Saturday, February 4, 2017

[]Google Spreadsheet: How to create Navigation Menu[]

Over the course from the beginning of school to winter or New Year, my client Mr Dodemont has been requesting for a navigation menu that involves buttons and multiple sheets within a sheet. At first I was extremely confused and actually set foot on the wrong side of the program and continued there. When I was given a full set of instructions on what I was suppose to do, I finally created what was expected. A navigation menu!  That's right, finally after months. So here I'll talk about how to create a navigation menu in google sheets. I'll try to make it as straight-forward as possible. 

What is this menu and what purpose does it serve?

Something like this:

Do you ever feel annoyed when you're trying to get to the right google sheet but then you just can't find it or it takes sometime before you find the right sheet? Well, now you can create buttons and with a single click you can get to your ideal page! (Only after some more confusing commands you probably have never seen just to get to the page you want, trust me it is still worth it)

And without further due, here is the tutorial:

Step 1: Start with a new google sheet.
Yes yes yes, a new sheet. What did you expect?

Step 2: Scripting
On the top left corner you should see a bar consisting of these things ^
Now click on Tools and click on Script Editor

Step 3: Inserting script
Insert this command in the script Editor.
If you wish to change the name of the sheet, just change title of the code.
Now that the commands are in place go back to the sheet and create buttons.
But how do you create buttons? (PS: You should know this)

Step 4: IT Art class
Now back to the top left corner you should see [ Insert ].
Click on it and click [ Drawing ]
There you will be taken to an art board and you can create whatever image you want.

Step 5: Applying scripts to art class.

On the top right corner of the image you just made, there should be a small "down arrow".
Click on it and you should see 4 things. 
- Edit
- Delete
- Assign Script...
- All Text
Click on  [Assign Script]

Step 6: The End

To Assign script, just type in the name of the tittle of the sheet you want to go to.
For Example, here I used "Navigation". You can use "Menu", "Help" as long as it is  the name of the sheet you created.

There you go. A simple complex but fancy Navigation Menu. Not exactly to easy hard right?

Hope you learned something here. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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