Thursday, February 9, 2017

Helpful YouTube Extensions (Google Chrome)

Helpful YouTube Extensions
Welcome YouTube enthusiasts or the casual YouTube viewer. This blogpost will outline some helpful extensions to enhance your viewing experience and detail what each extension is about.

Stop Auto play for YouTube

The stop auto play extension is largely self explanatory. Whenever you open a new video, it will not play until you press play. This extension can also pause videos when you leave the tab. This is the simplest of all the extensions and is just a nice little quality of life improvements.

Compared to Stop Auto Play for YouTube, Magic Actions can do so much more. Magic Actions can have a dark mode, autoHD, ad block, and a lot more! Magic Actions is very similar to Enhancer For Youtube, which almost do the same exact things. Magic Actions however, has a lot more users and a lot older than Enhancer and should have less bugs, if any, compared to Enhancer.

VidIQ shows the metrics, keywords, ad revunue, ad earner, engagement ratio, and more. This is perfect for anyone who wants to be a YouTuber. This can tell you how much money each video makes and good keywords to add to your own videos

YouTube Plus is perhaps my favorite of all these extensions. It allows ads from certain channels but blocks all other ads, allows for open window viewing, allows you to blacklist channels. For example, if you hate Pewdepie, you can blacklist his channel and never see it in your recommended.

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