Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Learn Programming FAST

How to Learn Programming Fast


It is a website where multiple subjects and skills can be learnt.

It is a website that uses effective and easy teaching styles.

It is a website that can help you with learning and keeps tracks of your progress.

Throughout the course of computer in High school, I have always wanted to learn programming. But I never got the chance to learn advance programming due to the fact that the platform I worked on are boring and un-interactive.

Khanacademy in the other hand, changes my perception on learning.
It is interactive as it has control boards that you could use to program after you learnt a certain skill.

Khanacademy also keeps tracks of your learning by having a "time-line" style subjects and topics that need to be covered throughout the course.

It is extremely helpful to have a interactive way of learning, due to the fact that it helps me understand it more quickly when trying out new things around in the website is available.

I highly recommend people who wants to learn new skills to use Khanacademy as there are tons of other subjects and topics on the website.

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