Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is the iOS system safe and secure?

Is the iOS system safe and secure?

The most common smartphone used is the iPhone. iPhone models are changing throughout the year.  The “iOS,” simply means iPhone Operating System, is the operating system that runs on Apple’s devices and makes the phone work. But how secure are our iPhones?

The iOS system of the iPhone is considered to be a protected and highly secured operating system.

First, iPhone uses the “App Store,” where we download applications to our iPhone. The reason why the App Store makes the iPhone secure is that applications are fully and thoroughly examined before it is available on the App Store. This method prevents widespread of malware infection for iPhone users.

Second, the Touch ID, which is used to unlock iPhone or easy access to paying goods using Apple Pay may seem vulnerable and dangerous. However, the scanned fingerprint is stored in the iPhone’s memory, and it is protected and encrypted within the Secure Enclave. The scanned Fingerprints are never sent to Apple or backed up to iCloud or iTunes so that hackers won’t be able to touch your fingerprint information and use it for their purposes.

Not only is the fingerprint encrypted but all the information are encrypted and protected all the time. So you can assure that your information is well protected.

However, the iOS system is not 100% invulnerable, so we must always think about our actions so that we won’t be hacked.


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