Thursday, February 23, 2017

Social Media and the Population

Social Media

Lately, from the ongoing years, Social Media has been developing, and has had increase their impacts to humans.  

Social Media had affected not only on adults but also has affected teenagers heavily. It created a tremendous impact on the society, which impacted Politics, Business, Education, Socialisation, Privacy and Productivity. Social media has also created cyberbullying, online harassment, and negative effects such as deceiving informations and images. 

Positive Impacts 

Business networks
Social Media helps businesses increase their economic incomes, but also to increase their fame, and popularity. Social media helps companies/businesses to exapnd their business, and also helps different businesses to present and develop their ideas on the same platform, and to work together easily.

Easier communication
Communication is so much easier, not only it is free (unlike SMS), it is also easier to talk to groups, and broadcast a message to everyone but separately.

Avoid boredom 
Social Media is a online platform, where everyone interacts. Social Media can keep you busy for days, without being bored of it, since there are so many posts and interactions on that platform.

Data information 
Easy access to search data informations, and easily updated, exchanged, and researched.

Negative Impacts

False Sense of Connection
False intimacy and social distance is elements of false sense of connection, avoiding awkwardness is easy online. However, when you meet in person, awkwardness would likely to fill you up, being unable to interact in real life. 

Cyber bullying/Online Harassment

Over 25% adolescents/teens have been bullied or harassed online. This is very dangerous, since it can lead to suicidal deaths. 4500 kids suicide each year due to cyber bullying.

Decreases productivity

Being on Social Media decreases your productivity, since people can be on social media the whole day looking through the feed, the feed is endless. 


Social Media allows users to post their informations and images, which lower the user's privacy. This will allow search engines to easily find the user. It may be harmless, but can affect user's schools or jobs' acceptances.

Engaging online can be dangerous, online scams occurs everyday. People are likely to be scammed when they are new to Social Media. 


Addiction often paranoia Whenever, you are not on your phone, your laptop or something that links you to your social media, you are more likely to fear and be paranoid.

Time Consuming
Users spends so much time on Social Media nowadays, especially teens. An average of 28% of time in a day is spent on Social Media! This results in a decreases in productivity, development in skills for teens and kids, also impacts user's health.

How to control it:

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