Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The New Google Sites

How to Create a New Google Site

This is a topic I'm sure several of you have not heard of. I use the "new" google site as my e-portfolio. Many people are unaware that a new google sites even exists. This is because it is in beta, meaning it is still going through development and the old google sites is still active. However, every user with a google account may create their own "new" Google Site. People can't seem to find a free way of creating sites and that's why they used google sites. However, now with this new and improved version people won't complain about the simplicity and dullness of the old google sites.

To Create a New google site:

1. Go to GoogleDrive
2. Click on the New button and hover and "more"
3. Select Google Sites

It's that simple to create a new google site. This version will be similar to a document as it is a file and will be stored in your google docs.  This is one of the differences between the new and old google sites. 


Personally, I feel as though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the new google sites. However, this is only by a small fraction, therefore, several users may not find the new google sites appealing.

What has not changed and is continued from the old to the new site:
  • You can still collaborate with other people to make your site.
  • You can still implement other Google drive files easily and other links can be embedded
  • Sites is still a tool to create a basic website. It remains one of the core G Suite apps.

  • You can create aesthetically pleasing websites that appear on any device. Google sites is now  multi-platform and some of the designs you can get with the beta version are extremely well designed.

  • You can easily embed content from Google Drive and other apps. Now, inserting any file or document from drive is simple and it embeds easily onto the site. Also, you may embed some external media, such as posts from blogger, and they also look very pleasing.

  • You can customize and move sections so that your text isn't in one place. You can easily change pages from order and hide them. You may also add sections to one of your pages that you can move or if it is a textbox, divide into a section.

  • You can choose to publish your site when you are ready or to save it until you are ready to share your site. This is a big difference as now your site doesn't go live as soon as you save changes, although you may still choose to share who can view and have rights to edit your site, you can also choose if your site appears  in search results.


  • Very little customization is the reason most people that know about the new google sites don't use it. Limited themes, fonts, formatting, you have very little room to customize. Themes override every title and font, so you can't customise anything at all, although they look nice. You can't change any font, it has to be by a set theme, and there are only 7 themes available with 5 colors each.

  • No HTML + CSS/ Embed Code. This is another major reason why people don't use the new google sites. You may no longer add html code or embed code to your google site. Google has clarified they will add this feature soon as they are still in beta.

  • Editing Still requires computer version of Chrome or Firefox. Although Google Sites has turned multi-platform, you can still only edit on a computer.

  • No real subpages, only links. A feature that was removed from the old google sites is subpages. The ability navigate from one page to another. Some may say this is detrimental because you can only link pages now, but some may say it is beneficial and makes the site look more pleasing. It also may hide pages that will only appear if the user wants them to.

In conclusion, the new google sites is still in development and has a lot of things to be improved. However, it is still a huge jump aesthetically compared to the boring google site that we have become so used to, and it's still all free, a rare occurrence nowadays. 

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