Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Snapchat Spectacles?!

What are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat introduced camera-equipped glasses during late 2016. The glasses was named "Spectacles",  it records video and uploads it to Snapchat. 


1. Spectacles were only sold in pop-up vending machines called the "Snapbot",  around the U.S, and the locations were exclusive, not only that, the Snapbot would only stay at the "surprise" location for a day, but Snapchat announced a map where you can find where the Snapbot is heading within the 24 hours.
This is the find the bot map: https://www.spectacles.com/map/

2. Spectacles can now be order online.

3. There are 3 colors: Coral, Teal and Black.

4. One glasses cost $130USD.

5. To record a 10 second video on Snapchat through the glasses, is to press button on the glasses.

6. The glasses wirelessly adds snaps (videos) on to the Snapchat memories (the gallery).

7. Snapchat had actually been working on the glasses for years, since 2014.

8.  The Snapbot vending machine that carries the Spectacles, have motion sensors, that can detect people when they step into the view,  the bot would turn their circular view on, and let you virtually try the glasses before you buy them.

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