Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ultradox: How to create a google sheet based document

How to add and adjust images by selecting an image link in google sheets and adding it onto google document

1. Set up the ultradox by first selecting your google sheet and a google document.

Google Spreadsheet:

The google cell "B2" has the link to an AIS logo image. If this cell is selected,  Ultradox can take the image and have it put into the google doc. 

Google Doc: 

2. Select the spreadsheet cell that has the link to the AIS logo image on the Ultradox Menu

When you first create a "Load cell" command, you'll be required to select a google spreadsheet and a cell. This is for loading one image only in one cell. 

3. Go into the document selected and open "Ultradox Template Editor" in the add-ons section. After that click on the chosen cell and select it as an image. 

4. Now click the "Width" and "Height" option, and use cm to change the size of the image

It is better to use CM instead of pixels as the measuring variable because pixels are too hard to control. 

5. Now click select. The Ultradox Template Editor will now give you a code pasted to the document. 

6. Finally, go to the Ultradox main page and select the "eye" icon to get a preview of the document. 

7. You'll get a PDF view of your document which then can be printed. 

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  1. Great this add on seems interesting and will help me lot to automate the procedure. I am also working on google sheet add ons while searching for something functional landed myself here and Here I got what I was looking for your mentioned strategy to create a google sheet add on. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome information here.