Saturday, February 4, 2017

[]Ways you can convince yourself to stay on tasks[]

I have heard from others that they have problems with focusing on finishing assigned tasks or failed to submit their work on time due to certain distractions that simply derailed their attention, "me included" So I have decided to come up with certain ways that you can effectively persuade/convince of the importance of work so that you can stay on task and finish it.

#1 Set a deadline, a time table

The most common, easiest way to keep track of time yet the hardest to follow but yet so simple
Most of us would joke and ask ourselves that it is meaningless and it's better to have more time preparing and perfecting the product. But the thing is we have a tendency to procrastinate and given the right amount of time we will forget the importance of the work we were suppose to do.

What's the worse thing that can happen?
- Completely forgetting until the last moment when you remembered how important the work is and abandoning a night of good sleep just to finish the work that can be done if there was a time table.

Good Applications/ways that is able to counter these problems:

Best one yet: Write it down somewhere you are able to see everyday.


#2 Deal with reality

Something we go through when wifi is out!
Games on your phone or computer, friend's online! It seems like every time you want to do something meaningful, a friend messages you on face book and you really have to reply to not make them feel ignored. After all, ignorance is NOT strength. Then after they leave, you try to go back to work but then you remember your friend introduced this awesome game that you really have to try. So you can't help yourself and by the time you finish the game, it's midnight. 

What's the worse thing that can happen
Same as the previous consequence but only you feel slightly "More accomplished" since you beat the game.

Sometimes, we just have to deal with reality and adjust accordingly. You can't eliminate work-related interruptions, but you can adapt. If your work does not require you to use any form of technology, you can shut it down and hand write your own work instead of relying on wikipedia to help write your work.

Good Applications/ways that is able to counter these problems:

Best one yet: Turn off wifi and shut down your computer, go through the 5 stages of grief and get straight to work.

Same as the ones above

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