Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Should Students Use Technology in the Classroom?

Many schools, including the kindergarten, have been implementing technologies to classes, but should students be really using technologies in class, or should they stick with old-school style, learning with books? 

YES, but why? 

1. Preparation 

Technology can be helped to prepare students for their future and the real world environment since the world is growing more dependent on technologies.

2. Diversity 

Learning with technology will increase diversity in learning style.

3. Convenience

Having technology help students & teachers to be able to access information and school works quicker and easier. Students will also have access to online textbooks so they wouldn't have to carry a heavy textbook around every day for school.

4.  Engagement & Enjoyable

Since students love using technologies, this will make the students more engaged in their classes, and make the class more interesting and enjoyable. 

5.  Responsibility

Technology in the classroom will develop students to be more independent since they will have more control over their own learning, they will learn how to make their own decisions and think for themselves.

6. Interaction 

Having technology in the classroom gives students opportunity to interact with their classmates. 


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