Monday, April 24, 2017

Lessons that you should know

Many life lessons are taught through an experience or through school.
These are some life lessons you should know.

1. Respect

Respect is one of the most important things that you should give, respect for others and respect for yourself. If you don't respect others, you won't get respect from them. You should also respect other's boundaries and beliefs. 

2. Don't Rely on Others 

You should always rely on yourself first, before anyone else. Don't rely on people helping you with things when you are able to do it, and never rely on others to teach you. If you aren't willing to learn, you will never be taught be others, you have to be able to teach yourself first, and be willing to learn. 

3. Don't stop improving yourself and things around you

You will always need improvement, no one is perfect, so keep improving yourself, and work hard for the things you want. 

4. Health

Being healthy is really important, you might think being healthy are just for old people, but no, it applies to everyone. So try eating more veggies, consuming less processed food, and go out for a short walk. 

5. Balancing a budget

No matter how old you are, if you have money, you should always take care of your money, and not spend it on something you don't really "need".  Don't always get things you want, get things you actually will need and would be beneficial to you. Managing money could be hard, but try having a notebook to keep track of your money, or keep track on your phone.

6. Live in the moment

People keep expecting something to happen in the future when the moment should be lived now. You should make your moments happen, and live like you will die tomorrow, always appreciate your moments. 

7. Failure occurs

Don't blame yourself when you make a mistake or you failed to do something, because failure and mistakes teach you, to become a stronger individual. Mistake and failure help you grow into a wiser human being!

8. You can't please everyone, but please yourself first

You don't need everyone to agree with you. It's human nature for people to disagree with you, but you should agree with yourself, and be yourself, and not change just to please others. 

9. Don't take things for granted

Appreciate the things your parents gave you, housing, food..etc, but also appreciate the things that you have,  like your health, your friends, and families.

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