Saturday, May 27, 2017

Changing Photo Sizes at Once Using Automator

Ever had a time where you wanted to resize multiple images to a certain size at once to post on a website? If you want to edit one image, using Preview might be faster. (Check my Preview blog post.) However, when resizing, say, 100 images, resizing each image one by one is time taking and takes effort. But using Automator, no matter how many photos there are, all could be resized in less than a minute.

First, open Workflow in Automator.

Then, open Photos → Scale Images

Drag a list of images to scale.

Select the folder to move the edited images to and choose the size to resize the images to.

Click Run on the top right corner.

As could be seen, all the images are cropped to 480 pixels.

Ease your resizing jobs with Automator!

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