Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Digital Divide

Hong Kong is a developed city, and since we are living in a developed city, we are privileged that we are able to access internet and technology without limit and use it for our own advantages. However, there are many people in different countries that are unable to access internet and technology. This divide is one of the issues addressed at the Global Issues Network Conference that was held at AIS in March. It is part of our digital rights that we should have access to the internet, yet so many are still unable to access it.

Digital Divide, by definition, is the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the internet and those who do not.

Why is this issue relevant?
Digital Literacy is imperative to the world we live in today where everyone communicates news and information online. However, digital literacy cannot be attained without access to the internet and computers. Imagine those people who have no access to computers and internet, those people won't know how to work with computers and because of that new information are hard to get through.

What is being done to bridge the gap?
First of all, democracy. Freedom is critical to getting access to the internet because what is the use if the government won't allow you do access it. Some people are fighting for their rights to access the internet and individuals around the world are also helping others so that they could have access to the web.

Secondly, technology should be integrated into education, and work so that people would find the relevance of computers. Incorporating technology into education and work has increased these past few years. So it won't be long until everyone realizes that technology is important. As a result, the government or the people would feel the need to get computers and allow their people to access it.


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