Thursday, May 18, 2017

End Procrastination NOW

Five Techniques to End Procrastinations

As a high-schooler, I understand both the pleasure we get when we leave the work off for tomorrow, and the pain we get when the dead line of an essay is a few hours a head. 

In fact, it is sometimes beneficial to procrastinate. As study shows, by having that sense of pleasure leaving the work for tomorrow, and even the moderate stress you get when the dead line is closing in, it is actually beneficial to both physical and mental health. But of course, the work produced by procrastination always end up in bad manner. Therefore I am here to give the best advice to minimize procrastination.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
Karen Lamb

1. Stop the talking, and do the walking.

It is indeed beneficial to plan ahead of time before doing something, but if the planning period goes too long, it would be time wasting and un-productive. Wise man says, by learning from failure is the way to learn and success, if you spend too much time on planning for the perfect, the result might actually be unpleasant.

Instead, you should spend less time planning in the beginning, a to do list would be fine, and start to actually do it, just do it, and learn from the mistakes and keep going.

2. Leap of Faith.

Sometimes you just have to go for it. People who procrastinate always don't know where to start it off, they always have to leave it for later because they believe they are not "ready" yet. 

But, you just have to do a leap of faith, start the first sentence of the essay, see how it goes in your mind, fix up the error and go with the plan you made before. Just start the first slide of your presentation, sometimes by just writing the introduction of the presentation and essay, you could go on and on and finish off what you have started easier than you would have expected.

3. Start the Day Off With Your Worst Fear.

By getting done with the last thing you want to finish today in the beginning, the rest of you day would just go easier. Always leave the best at the last, finish what you least want finish first, than the rest of your work would just be easier and easier.

4. Just Finish it.

Once you have started something, and you are on the flow, it would be bad if you stop it in the middle just because you are feeling a little lazy. Just because you are feeling a little hungry during the middle of the essay, and you go and grab some food, you might loose the flow and forget where you left off with.

Therefore, by just finishing the what you started with, you could finish it in a constant flow, which is always beneficial for writing an essay or writing a presentation.

5. No excuses.

As soon as you give yourself an excuse for not doing the work today, you have to know that you will find another excuse tomorrow. Things always go differently in the future, you can never predict if there is a game update tomorrow, that you would want to play, you can never predict if your friends would ask you to hangout tomorrow because it's one's birthday, etc.

Always do it now, in case of "emergencies" tomorrow.

As soon as you know how to minimize procrastinations, you work's quality would improve, and the work efficiency would have a dramatic increase as well.

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