Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to Manage Stress for your Own Benefits

Managing Stress

Constant stress is the cause of neurasthenia, ulcer diseases, hypertension and other physical and mental illness. Stress is a leading factor connected to suicides around the world. Stress could also affect relationships between families, friends, and people around the workplace, causing divorces, unemployments, and even crimes.

And we know, as soon as we start to blend in the society, we take responsibilities, and with responsibilities, comes stress. Almost everyone feels or felt stress in some way, and feel bad about it. But, moderate stress can actually be beneficial if managed correctly.

Therefore, I am going to talk about the benefits of having moderate stress.

In order to provoke improvement, accomplishment, and learning, moderate stress is required, procrastinators know this very well. When the deadline of an essay is closing in by hours, they start to finally feel stress, and when human feel stress, their brain start to produce chemical that allows your brain to think and react faster, that is way people under stress tend to finish work faster with great efficiency.

Medical experts suggests, moderate stress can actually be beneficial to health, due to the fact that when people are stressed, their heart start to pump and discharge more blood around the organs, allowing faster blood flow, which strengthens the contraction of the blood vessels, improving vasomotor function, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health, ultimately reducing the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases.

So now we know moderate stress is beneficial. But how do we manage them?

1. Set yourself a goal.

A clever way to manage stress will be to set yourself a goal to accomplish in a certain period of time. Such as finishing the first two paragraph of the essay by midnight, or run 10km every week, etc.

By doing so, it keeps your mind in a mild stress mode, benefitting mind and you body.

2. Know your limit.

Whether you give yourself stress or others, always know your limit of how much stress you can handle. Because if stress is overloaded, it could be harmful for your body and mind.

So, once in a while, take a day off and relax your mind and body, take a break, for better performance in the following days.

3. Know that moderate stress is beneficial.

By constantly reminding yourself moderate stress is beneficial, you will then have the energy to go on, you will then have the motivation to keep going.

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