Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Surface Laptop. Is it worth it?

Surface Laptop Comparasion

So Microsoft released a new device, the Surface Laptop. Is it good? Should you get it? Short answer: No

Long answer: 

To me a Surface is a device that crosses the gap between Laptop or Desktop and tablet. Surface Pen and Surface go hand in hand. If I can't use the Pen it's not a Surface. I know you *can* use the pen on the Surface Laptop, but not *really*. The new laptop hinge's don't make it flip all the way around, so you can't use it for taking class notes on it's screen.

If you look over the fact it doesn't bridge the gap between laptop and tablet, and you're just looking for a $999 laptop with great specs and hardware, this also isn't the laptop for you.
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For $999 on the surface laptop you get
4 GB ram
128 GB SSD
Screen: 13.5”
Display Resolution: 2256 x 1504
i5 resolution
Fabric keyboard

Compared to Razerblade stealth

Now let's compare this to another laptop released this year
Image result for razer blade stealth
The Razerblade stealth laptop crushes the new surface in every division. For $999 you can get better specs in almost every category

8 GB ram
i7 processor
Display Resolution: 2560 x 1440
256 GB SSD
1x  USBC port
HDMI output
Backlit keyboard

Conclusion: The new surface laptop isn't a revolutionary new device from Microsoft. Compare Microsoft's other products released this year, the stunning surface studio and detachable surface book. The new laptop offers nothing more when compared with other laptops in the same genre. Had Microsoft put the hinge all the way around, this might be a different story. But the bottom line still stands, you can get more use for your money if you literally buy any other $999 Ultrabook laptop.

Hopefully by the time the surface pro 5 rolls out, we'll see a better laptop by Microsoft by then. In the mean time, I'll be dreaming about the surface book and studio and forgetting this laptop.
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