Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What can improve you in your school community?

1.  Being yourself

Being yourself is very important in life, if you are only being what others want you to be, you won't be happy, because you aren't yourself. So be yourself, there will be people who accept you for who you are. 

2. Speak Up

If something is bothering you, or something you want to change, feel free to make a difference, if you are afraid that you will fail, just remember that failure will bring success. If there is something you want to change about school, that would improve the school, speak up, make a proposal, be a part of the student council!

3. Create Great Relationships

Having good relationships with your peers, parents, and mentors is very important, so try not to start any fights, dramas, or arguments at school or anywhere else. 
Be nice to everyone, don't talk behind people's back, and think about the consequences of a bad action before you do it. Remember that diversity is good, so don't always be picky about who you want to be friends with, it is always good to have a diverse friend group.

4. Do it!

If something is bothering you, or you notice something that you can change about the school, to improve the school community, then do it, raise up your voice, and suggest it to someone, you can suggest it to the teachers, the Principal, or the Student Council.

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